Children's Medical & Therapeutic Center

Providing Physical, Speech & Occupational Therapy for Medically-Dependent Children in Miami, FL

We specialize in pediatric wellness for medically-dependant children through an unsurpassed quality of clinical care, compassion for patients, and the development of the communities we live & operate in. We've developed an infrastructure of support through the medical community, continuous training, and additional education.


We focus on operating with a philanthropic mindset & on making decisions in the patient’s best interest - regardless of whether they are insured privately, by the state, or are non-insured.


Our Services

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Pediatric Physicians & Nursing Care

Special Educational Programs

Nutritional Food


(Breakfast, Lunch & Snack)

Recreational Activities

AM/PM Transportation


Why We're Different

We've dedicated our lives to providing medically-dependent children with the best possible care in order to give them the best chance at a great life.

Quality & Safety

We create a safe environment where quality is our guiding principle.

Dignity & Respect

We treat all individuals - be it children, parents, or staff, with dignity and respect.

Caring & Listening

We listen to & care for our patients, our health plan members, our fellow employees, our physicians, & our community.

Responsibility & Integrity

We perform our work with the highest levels of responsibility & integrity.

Excellence & Innovation

We think creatively & build excellence into everything we do.


About Us

Meet the dedicated team behind The Imagination Pediatrics Therapy Center!


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Address: 8896 SW 129th Terrace Miami Fl 33157

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